<html><h1></html>{{:clipart:tips-n-tricks-green.png?nolink&75 |}} <html><span style="vertical-align:middle;"></html>Linux Mint LMDE Tricks<html></span></h1><div style="clear:both;"></div></html> It is a challenge to engage in the discovery of a new work environment. This is even, perhaps, the main reason that keeps most people embarking on such an adventure. They are used to their current environment and fear to find themselves lost in the new, unknown and thus scary, one. And it is true that it might be intimidating for many. Although the information almost always lies somewhere on a blog or wiki, it might take some time and patience to find the correct answer the encountered situation. The primary purpose of this section is to try to combine the maximum of useful tips and tricks when using Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE). Or, at least, to do together (almost all) those who have been helpful to me on my journey... <WRAP half column> === User Interface === * [[tricks:application-shortcut|Application Shortcut]] * [[tricks:application-icon|Application Icon]] * [[tricks:panel-position|Panel (menu bar) Position]] * [[tricks:appearance-theming|Appearance and Theming]] * [[tricks:mxmouse|Mouse & Keyboard]] * [[tricks:xflux|f.lux / xflux]] </WRAP> <WRAP column> === Technical === * [[tricks:forced-restart|Forced Restart]] * [[tricks:moving-home-to-partition|/home to Another Partition]] * [[tricks:keep-ssh-alive|Keep Your ssh Sessions Alive]] * [[tricks:gvfs|Access Network Shares from Desktop/Apps]] * [[tricks:mdm-keymap|Use non en_US keyboard layout in MDM]] * [[tricks:dd-progress|View dd progress]] * [[tricks:mount-lvm|Mount LVM partitions]] </WRAP>