====== Welcome ====== ===== LMDE 2 ===== Linux Mint Debian Edition 2, code named "Betsy", has been released to the community in the beginning of April (2015). This is, IMHO, one of the best news for 2015 as LMDE is really the most sturdy Debian based distribution around, offering the option to use the very nice Cinnamon desktop environment. Do not hesitate to give it a try, you can follow [[install:base-lmde2:upgrade-from-lmde1#install_from_usb_key|this article]] to install it. ===== Why this wiki? ===== This wiki could be considered as a travel journal. It was initially started as a reminder for myself of what I did to setup my Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) system, and how I did it. As doing this involved gathering all kinds of information, scattered around the Internet, it quickly became tedious to store and organise bookmarks of all sorts, on my computer or on paper, to remind me of what had been done. I thought the best way to organise all that information would be to start a wiki, and here it is. Along the way, it appeared to me that, maybe, some other people might benefit from what I gathered. This would also possibly become a way for me to give back a little to the open-source community. ===== What is in here? ===== I try to compile all relevant information to the installation, use and improvement of my LMDE system. You are invited to explore the sections on the left navigation to discover what is available.\\ The main lines being: <WRAP half column> {{::clipart:system-install-green.png?nolink&75 |}} [[install:start|Initial system installation]] [[applications:start|Applications of interest]] </WRAP> <WRAP half column> {{:clipart:tips-n-tricks-green.png?nolink&75 |}} [[packages:start|Packages of interest]] [[tricks:start|Tips and tricks in Linux Mint (LMDE - MATE)]] </WRAP> ===== Let's join the fun ===== Most of the documents listed in this wiki are based on my Macbook platform experience. That said, with the exception of some details, such as the [[tricks:forced-restart|power cycle problem]], virtually all information available will also apply well to a PC environment, and, whenever possible I'll give a Windows or Linux environment alternative to what is presented for the MacBook. **One final advice I would like to give before you start:** if you are looking for an "end user" only solution, I suggest you clearly go for the Ubuntu version of Linux Mint, mostly because of it's ppa availability. The LMDE release WILL require you, at one time or another, to dive into the terminal and type commands to delve into the bowels of the system... But, for me, that's part of the fun! [[install:start|Here we go!]]