Panel (menu bar) Position

One of the first thing that got me scratching my head after landing on the (nice looking) MATE desktop, was to know how to move the “Menu” bar to another screen (I use a dual monitor configuration). What I first learned is that, in Linux Mint MATE, what I was used to call a “Menu bar”, is called a “Panel”.

Well to be a bit more precise, a program called “The MATE Panel” is, as stated in it's “About Panels” menu, responsible for launching other applications and provides useful utilities. Fine !
Wait a second… There's also a “Help” menu right above this “About Panels” one, let's try this one… OUPS !

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Mmmm, no time right now to dig the question why the help documents are missing. Hope I'll get the time to check on that later.

It is quite straight forward to add elements, move them around or remove them, as all this, and even creating a new panel, is available from the right click pop-up menu.
It's even quite easy to move it to the top, left or right of the screen it lies on using the “Panel Properties” window (see below).
But how the hell do you move this panel to another screen damn it?
I mean the default panel appears at the bottom of the startup monitor, I want it to be at the bottom of my second, much wider, monitor.

How to do it:

First right click the panel you want to move and select “Properties” from the pop-up menu

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In the “Panel Properties” window, uncheck the “Expand” option

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Your Panel has now chrunk, looking all tiny :-P, but the interesting part is that you now have some sort of “handles” on each of its sides, that allows you to move it around your screens!

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We'll that's it, simply drag it to the screen you want it to be locked to, select its “Orientation” (in case you want it on the top side for example, then re-check the “Expand” option, done !

Very simple indeed, once you know it ;-)